How to make a website

I have decided to do a research on how to create a website for my cartoon to learn how to make it effective and good looking.

These links were extremely helpful during my research:

I have found out that it is not so easy as it could seem at the first glance. The website should fit the style of the cartoon and encourage the audience to watch it.

” You should plan your website carefully, lay out your current goals, whether that be funding, creating social impact, changing minds, promoting your film’s appearance in festivals or selling the film direct. The website design, layout, calls-to-action and language will all be very different depending on your goals. “

These are the main conventions that are usually included to the movie web pages:

  • A trailer
  • Release date information
  • Synopsis/storyline
  • Awards and nominations and/or critics’ ratings
  • Names of cast, crew members and all companies/studios involved
  • Images and videos of the main cast
  • Social media buttons and icons

In addition, it would be mice to think of answering these questions:

  1. Who Is Your Target Audience?
  2. How Large Is Your Target Audience?
  3. How Will You Reach Your Audience?
  4. What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

Moreover, I have found some tips and tricks which I would like to keep in mind during the production of my website:

  • Building a personal audience brings huge benefits in terms of support, resources, finances, feedback and reach. This is the ultimate goal.
  • Make your site’s design image driven, not text driven.
  • Maintain your film’s brand throughout – from your poster through your website and beyond.
  •  Imagine you want to watch your film, how would do you it – check it actually connects up
  • Make sure contact details are on the site

After doing this research I have decided that I will do my website with WordPress and YouTube because these sites are free and easy to use. I think, these platforms are nice to utilise for my start up project because they are accessible and basic.