Writing the story

After planning the story plot I’ve created the short story (in 2 947 words) as it helps me to get the clearer picture of my future animation. Unfortunately, there are grammatical mistakes because I’m not the native English speaker, but I’ve decided that it would not affect my final project.

The highlighted parts of the text in italics are not mentioned in my story outline and were added as I was writing the story. I did this as I felt that the story outline gave a very basic and simple plot overview, it needed more action and details to emphasise the climax and present the conflict clearer. Since I’ve added more particular description and action, I think, my story is well-organised to provide an easy start for the shooting process


Another life

Purple planet. This was the habitat of ordinary life – the life without living. The life that is structured and shaped by the government of Purple planet. Why there are signs and rules telling citizens how to live? The rules are everywhere. Here, there, behind the corner… ‘WALK ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD’ tells the sign, and everyone does. They don’t know another life, they’ve never lived the life they wanted. They were not even sure if they knew what they wanted. ‘ICE-CREAMS ONLY IN AUGUST’ is written on the board, and everyone agrees. Didn’t anyone ever want to have a strawberry cone in December?

Every day looks like any other, nothing ever changes on Purple planet. Here is Clash, he wakes up every day and drinks a cup of coffee, puts his shoes on, walks out of his house down the purple street every day – five days a weeks he walks to his work and back, another two days he walks down the street just because he got used to it. And today he walks to his work. Signs and endless rules hang around Clash as if they were lifeless police guards of this place, they look after the purple street, they want everything to be correct. And the rules themselves are the only thing that is correct here. Clash haven’t thought of this, he was just walking down the street, he was going to work.

Clash’s mind is covered with the smoke of everyday life, the life where nothing changes; he doesn’t notice how every second of his life slowly dies in this smoke. He passes down the corridor straight to his room. It’s 9am. His pal Set is already at his desk, as usually. Clash sits down and starts to work, as usually. Above him on the wall is a huge table dictating him another couple of rules. Clash works, he has to work until 4pm. His works with papers, as well as his pal Set, and they both work a lot. Clash’s job is to fold the paper, while Set has to unfold it. That’s it and nothing more. Does it make them feel useful for the world around? Clash doesn’t know what it means to be useful, he just waits until the work time ends. He doesn’t feel him living, because there is no true life around.

It’s time – 4pm. He stands up, walks away. He walks down the same street back home, on the left side of the road. Suddenly, he kicks a tiny purple beed on the asphalt. He noticed how beautiful it reflects daylights shining from the inside of the bead. Clashed liked to pick different rubbish from the street, why not to take this marvellous bead home as well? It will shine even better on his window next to the plastic plant that he had for a long time. He takes it and continues his walk down the very purple street. 

Clash is back home, taking off his shoes. It’s time to have a dinner. Purple pudding is his favourite and the only meal that he has every day. Clash opens a fridge that generated puddings and it is full of purple deserts, Clash takes one. Nothing is more delicious than this, especially if he hasn’t tried anything else. As Clash finishes it, he washes the plate and puts it back to the fridge so it could produce a new pudding on it – another pudding for another day.

Now it’s time to get ready for the sleep. Clash washes his face and puts on a 10 minute purple mask that he does everyday, day after day. This purple mask is a nice way to relax after a usual  day on Purple planet. As soon as 10 minutes pass Clash washes out the mask. He feels he’s ready to continue living here, at the place where everything is set up the way it seemed like it should be. Clash lies down on his bed, folds his palms under a purplish pillow, slowly closes his eyes. This was the day that Clash lived in during all his life – all was the same, nothing ever changed.

Bright light of the new day woke Clash up. He drinks a cup of coffee, puts on his shoes – It may seem that he just repeats the previous day – walks to work, sits there in front of his table and folds paper… 

Suddenly, someone passes by his table and leaves a small box. On it is a small drawing of a green plant. It reminded Clash of a plastic plant that he has on his window, it looks almost the same. Who was that stranger that left this box? Clash looked back and he could not see anyone special. He could only see someone from the back, it was slowly going away. “Oh well” thought Clash and opened the tiny box. There was a couple of some tiny dark-brown, balloon-like objects. Clash had no idea what it was, he has never seem seeds of a real plant before. In fact, he has never seen a real plant in his life. Clash  decided not to think about it and put the box in his pocket as rules does’t allow to keep unrelated stuff at the workplace.

4pm – time to go home. Again. Clash stood up and walked out of the building, passed down the purple street. Today he felt more tired than usually. There was too much paper work … plus, this weird box with something inside. He took it away of his pocket, opened to see the weird stuff in it. Clash wasn’t really concerned about it, one dark-brown thing falls down the asphalt. He is too tired to pick it up so he just leaves it and continues walking. “Too much of work today” thought Clash and put the box back in the pocket.

The next day started again. Seemed, nothing would happen.The same road, the same buildings, “walk on the left side!” … Suddenly, there’s a tiny little thing on the asphalt. It’s so tiny that not everyone would notice it. Is it a tiny piece of little? But why is it green? Clash looked closer. That thing reminded him of a plastic plant that he kept next to the window at home, it looked almost the same. But there was something unusual in it – something pulsing and living – that made Clash stop on the middle of the road. This plant seemed to be real, the real plant, the real living creature. How is that possible on Purple planet? How could he grow through the asphalt? For what? Too many thoughts at once bumped at Clash. He felt as if he could not breath anymore, the air suddenly became heavier and the whole atmosphere around has changed.

The setting around seemed to be different, but not for everyone. Another aliens were just passing by as if they don’t see anything different. Set was one of them, he was also going back from work. He stopped next to Clash and looked at his terrified face, then looked down. There is was. The plant, the real plant – the real bastard against the whole system of Purple planet. Without thinking, Set stepped on it to make sure there is nothing left from that plant. The smile of a pleasure comes to his face. Bum! Clash pushes Set away. Both of them can’t understand what’s going on, but both of them are boiling mad. Set kicks Clash and goes away as if nothing happened. The ordinary life won this battle again, she showed that there’s no place for nature, no place for life on Purple planet.

Clash feels like something is ready to jump out of is chest, he has never felt like this before. In fact, he hasn’t ever felt real emotions and that was the first time he felt more than nothing, much more than nothing. What happened to him?

Clash runs away, he can’t be at this street anymore, he is sick of everything here. His home is the only place he could hide from this place. There was no air outside, no way to breath a fresh breeze of freedom. Clash runs up the stairs, opens the doors, runs into his apartment, closes the door as tight as possible. On his window in front of him is another plant. This is something that Clash had for a long time. This was something that he thought a real plant would look like. But the plant on his window was fake, lifeless, useless. It was plastic. It was “growing” in a plastic pot, next to it was a decorative purple plastic bead. There was nothing similar in it comparing to the plant Clash saw on the street. That plant was glowing of beauty, life and endless energy. That plant was an alien on Purple planet.

Clash looked out of the window, there was all the same – same street, same rules, no life. It seemed, nothing could change this place and nothing could be done here. The only thing Clash could continue doing is just to exist, as he always did.

Here comes another day and Purple planet still exists, simply exists and nothing more; and Clash exists as well. It’s time to go to work passing down the purple street and endless rules. He wakes up, drinks his coffee, walks slowly down the street as if something is pushing him back home, sharking with his feet on the purple asphalt. Clash felt that something was eating his soul from the inside, he could not forget the plant – the lively creature. Clash passes down the sign “Walk on the left side”, it is still there, patrolling the street. They look at each other, time stops. What if there were no those stupid rules? What if Clash could restart his life?

Smash! That was the sound of Clash breaking the sign. Now he could take a deep breath and breathe in the sudden, sweet breeze of life. It was flying around whispering to an ear of a stranger “He did it…It’s over… He has started a battle against the rules…”. Then, Clash felt he can do anything, and will. He took a big step on the right side of the road. Everyone on the street stopped and shocking silence cut the noise of the everyday life’s boredom. All aliens were looking at Clash. Clash was walking back home on the right side of the road pretending that nothing happened. But nobody has ever done something like this, nobody knew it’s possible and nobody ever thought of breaking the rule. Purple planet was turned upside down and there was something to happen very soon.

Clash went home, he had a plan after all, he knew he is going to bring it to life. There was a huge pile of different rubbish that Clash have been collecting for all of his existence in his wardrobe. If he saw something interesting in his everyday life – he just brought it home. It could be anything – a piece of wood, a nail or a screw-nut – that would be considered as useless litter by the most. Though, Clash liked to collect it, he liked to imagine what he could create out of all that stuff.

The day of creation came. Clash wanted to build something that would bring him away from this hopeless Purple planet – a space ship! A sky craft! His chance to start living somewhere else! Clash didn’t know how many other planets there are out in the Galaxy, and he had no clue whether a one could survive out there. He knew nothing, except for the fact that he won’t stay on Purple planet any longer.

Every construction starts with an idea and someone who would try to do it. Clash had an idea and he was ready to start. Endless hours on Purple planet seemed to fly as fast as wind for Clash – he was busy building, creating and constructing his dream. Every tiny detail he had in the wardrobe was used and was important for the space ship. Nobody knew for how long Clash was not coming out of his house, nobody knew what happened. He didn’t come to work and he didn’t show up anywhere. Citizens of the Purple planet have just eliminated him from their existence, they forgot about Clash as if he was never alive.

The last detail – a tiny purple bead that he found near his work. This would remind Clash of his past life, the life on Purple planet. Even though he didn’t like it, he couldn’t just throw it out of his memories, it’s important to remember what made himself. Clash tied the bead to the space ship, it would be an aerial that makes the space ship fly away from Purple planet. He did it. The enormous construction was ten times higher than Clash. He stood in front of it and opened his eyes as wide as he could to see it all in once. The massive space ship was standing still waiting for its time. Its huge legs backed up the main part of the space craft – the body that looked like an enormous plate with a seat for a passenger in the middle. The time was waiting both of them behind the door, it was there and Clash’s chest was overfilled with emotions.

Clash was ready and there was no reason to stay on Purple planet any longer. He didn’t have a lot of luggage with him. The only thing he grabbed with him is a bottle of water and some seeds that he had in his wardrobe for a long time. Someone once told him that a real plant could grow out of them, but no matter how many times Clash tried to grow a plant, he never succeed and finally dropped this idea. He decided that a real, lively plant just can not live in Purple planet, it had no enough life to live.

Clash walked inside the space ship slowly as if he sees it for the first time. It’s important not to break everything at this point because then, he may have wasted all the time… He pushed the red button, the silent roar came from the inside of the ship. It raised up above the floor, Clash felt he was floating in the air…

Whooah… The space ship flew out of the window and hanged over the purple street for a while. Nothing changed out there, the sign Clash broke was fixed and was even more noticeable than it used to be. Everyone on the street stopped on the left side and looked up at the space ship; they all were wonder-stuck by the happening. Among them was Set, he was going back from work. He knot his eyebrows, his eyer were burning of anger. There was no way Set could allow Clash to leave, to interrupt the system of Purple planet. He took a random stone and threw it to the space ship with every power that he had in his hands.

Padded. The space ship shaken in the air, made a weird noise signifying that something went wrong. It started to loose the height. It was falling down. One tiny part of the space craft has fallen away. The bead. The craft will crash down without it and Clash’s dream will ruin in one second. 

Clash could not believe that someone might ruin his purpose of life so easily. He would fall down the purple street and he would be lucky if he dies like this because he can’t see himself existing on the Purple planet anymore. But wait… he will fight for his dream until death. The space ship continued falling down. But, of course, it was heavier than the bead, so it was falling down with a higher speed. With every second the distance between the space ship and the bead became less significant. Clash crawled closed to the edge of the space ship, padded his hand to the bead… Three meters until the catastrophe of the space craft hitting the purple surface, two meters, one… Got it! Clash got the bead and the craft survived, so did Clash. He put the bead on its place and the ship rocketed back up in the air.

Sat could not believe that was happening in the real life, he stood out there with his open mouth watching Clash escaping from the planet. Clash did it, he won the real life.

Purple planet was becoming smaller and smaller in a tiny round window of the ship. There were many other different colour planets next to it. Green, pink, yellow, blue… It was a hard choice for Clash. Where would he like to live? After a couple of seconds he decided to fly straight to the green one, he liked this colour.

As soon as the space ship touched the ground of the green planet, Clash opened the door and ran out. He rushed to see what is out there. To his surprise, there was almost nothing and it seemed that no one lives on it. Most importantly, there were trees. It meant, there is life. A pure life without rules, a life where no one have destroyed the nature and no one has established a lifestyle. This green planet greeted Clash and gave a warm hug of freedom. He could do anything, he could live.

He took a seed from a bag, dig a small hole, thew it in and poured a bit of water on it. This was the beginning. The beginning of Clash’s life.