Creating the character

After writing the story I’ve decided to create a visual image of the hero because it will help me to move on to the creation of story boards and the design for my animation. Here are some drafts that were a starting point in creating the hero’s appearance.


The first one seemed very chichè and did not reflected the hero’s personality as I imagined it. It looks unsympathetic and disdainful while I imagined Clash to be more friendly.


The second sketch shows the much more peaceful hero but I still didn’t like it as I felt that it lacks of details and body parts which would make it hard to animate.


Then, I moved to a more simple representation of the character which seemed more valuable for my animation as it started to look more like I imagined it.hello

Then, I’ve created a gif file in Adobe Photoshop because I thought that this is how Clash would look like. However, after a while I decided to leave this idea as this form of the character still doesn’t represent the Clash’s personality  and I can’t imagine this type of the character in the overall design.

Later on, I moved to a more simple shapes because I think, that it would be easier to animate and film. At the same time, this visual image of the hero fits my idea about his personality – it is friendly and a bit funny.

Finally, I thought about the choice of colours and decided that it would be better to make Clash blue, rather than green. I think, blue colour will stand out more on the surface of Purple  and Green planet.


My final choice of the charachter