Changing the type of my animation

Why? Before I’ve started to create the story, I did a research on the types of animation and decided that I will do a stop-motion type. After that, I’ve created the story, planned the scenes and did storyboards… this process led me to the conclusion that making a good-quality clay or paper-cut stop-motion animation will require lots of time because I have lots of different  shots, scenes, characters, action and items that I will have to create manually. Therefore, I did a research on the ways how to create an animation with the use of different software.

Here are the links that helped me during my research:

I found out that there is a lot of online programs that allow to create simple animations without specific knowledge of a software. However, they give limited abilities for the animation and are quite restricted in terms of different visual effects. That’s why, I’ve decided to use more professional software, such as Adobe After Effects (used be named Flash). I chose this program as it is not very complicated, has unlimited possibilities in animation development and is connected with other Adobe programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator that will help me to create a digital representation of my story.

How After Effects could be used for animation:

In addition, I have some basic knowledge of how to use Adobe software so it would be easier and more accessible to use After Effects.